Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

How do I apply for a merchant account?

You can start the application process by selecting the Get Started Today on our homepage. Alternatively call our office at 1-866-675-6352

How quickly can I accept credit cards?

Accounts are generally approved within three business days and our merchants can process the next business day.

How soon do my transactions get funded?

Usually the next day.

How do I get help?

Customer service representatives are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 Days a year.

General Questions

How do I receive my money?

Once a transaction is approved and settled, the funding will deposited into your account using ACH.

What is your return policy?

Leading Edge only sells products and services to merchants that use our payment processing services. We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee* for all equipment in the original packages that is not damaged or defective from user negligence. Software, internet gateway license fees and any setup fees sold through CardConnect Leading Edge cannot be returned for a refund.

What is your privacy policy?

Internet Transactions

What do I receive with an internet merchant account?

You receive:

  • A Leading Edge merchant account to accept all major credit cards
  • A no-cost gateway
  • A free Virtual Terminal to process transactions via your computer’s internet browser
  • CardPointe reporting portal where you can review all of your transactions, view real-time reports and download your monthly statements
  • 24/7 toll free customer and technical support’
Do I need a shopping cart for my internet merchant account?

No, we provide you with a FREE virtual terminal to process your customers’ transitions. Merchants that have a large number of products may, however, find it easier to use a shopping cart. If you strictly process mail order and/or telephone order transactions, then you do not need a shopping cart.

Equipment & Software

How do I determine which terminal, equipment or software is best for my business?

Equipment and technology are ever changing. We will help you determine the best solution for your needs. Reach out to us for more information.

Will I be trained to use the credit card terminal?

Yes. Once you receive your credit card terminal, a representative from Leading Edge will provide all training necessary. We also provide a toll-free customer service number you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can receive help at any time.

What is NFC Terminal and is it important?

Near-Field Communication (NFC) allows you to accept payments from your customers. NFC enables the point-to-point communication between capable devices, such as tablets or smartphones, without hard connections. With the growing use of Apple Pay®, Google Wallet® and other similar systems, cardholders are able to securely access their stored credit or debit card information directly from their smartphone. Cardholders may no longer need to carry an actual card.

PCI Compliance

What is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) was created to help protect cardholder data that is processed, stored or transmitted by merchants. Compliance is mandatory, but it can be confusing, expensive and time consuming. We can help bring your business into compliance. The PCI compliance fees that you’re currently paying may be of limited value.

Is PCI Compliance new?

No. The framework of the PCI data security standards has existed in different forms for some time now and continues to evolve. Payment brand programs that promote the implementation of the PCI DSS include:

What is required to certify that my account is PCI compliant?

You must complete a PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire on an annual basis. If you electronically store cardholder information, or if your processing systems have internet connectivity, a quarterly scan by an approved scanning vendor is also required.

Do all merchant accounts still need to be PCI Compliant?

Yes, all merchants, whether small or large, need to be PCI compliant.

Do merchants who sell only on a seasonal basis also need to be PCI Compliant?


If I am already using a "PCI compliant" terminal/gateway, do I have to have my account certified for PCI compliance?

The PCI Security Standards Council has various requirements programs. The Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS) requires software vendors and others to develop secure payment applications that do not store prohibited data such as full magnetic stripe, CVV2 or PIN data, and ensure their payment applications support compliance with the PCI DSS.

What is an “approved scanning vendor”?

An “approved scanning vendor” is a third party that validates compliance with DSS requirements by performing vulnerability scans of a merchant's internet-facing systems.

Is there an annual fee for becoming PCI compliant?

Yes, but if you have already become PCI compliant, then you will not have to pay any additional fees for the calendar year in which you become compliant.

How do my customers know that I am PCI compliant?

Upon completion of your PCI certification, you will receive a certificate of compliance logo to display on your website.

May I choose not to certify for PCI Compliance?

Not without significant risk. MasterCard and Visa require all acquirers to report on the PCI Compliance of their merchants. In the event that your business is compromised, you may be subject to fines of up to $500,000 per payment brand. These fines would be in addition to the expenses and fraudulent transactions resulting from the breach.

How frequently must I certify my PCI compliance?

The PCI compliance certificate is valid for one year from the date the certificate is issued. You are required to complete the PCI DSS self-assessment annually.